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Double Disc Grinders have been developed to Grind, two parallel flat surface, with the help of two grinding wheel faces, opposed to each other. The workpiece is advanced between the wheels, by various methods, either free floating or clamped, depending on the shapes, sizes, quantities as well as stock removals required.
An accurately conditioned lapping plate rotates in the horizontal plane, on which conditioning rings, also rotating freely in the direction of the lapping plate, carry the work pieces, with the surface to be lapped, in contact with the lapping plate. Suitably mixed lapping compound is fed onto the lapping plate which laps/polishes the surface to be lapped and the flatness of the lapping plate is transferred to the workpiece.
Roll Forming is a continuous metal forming process which bends or "forms" sheets, strips or coiled stock into predesigned shapes or profiles by passing the metal between successive pairs of rolls that increasingly (gradually) shape it till the desired cross section is achieved, thereby adding strength and rigidity to light weight metals. Except for a slight thinning of the metal at the bend radius, the metal thickness does not get altered.
Reliable and proven technology is employed in designing this automatic machine which is fast and accurate in operation. The machine is developed for Grading, Segregating and Sorting of various components viz., Steel Balls Bearing Rollers & Rings, Needles, IC's Contact pins, Thrust-washer, Circlips, Bushes, Dowel Pins, Auto-turned Components, Watch parts, Small & Medium Electronic & Electrical Parts, Cutters, Slitters, Drills, Nozzles, Rubber/Fibre/Nylon parts like Seals, Rollers, Pins, Bushes etc.
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